If part of your dissertation is a survey project and you can not simply locate or interview your target sample.

If you are a development organization, and would like to collect and analyze big and complex data from a series of interviews. 

If you are a company that is willing to test a target market segment and understands the preferences of the consumers before launching a specific product.



We at M&S Research Hub offer the service of administrating survey & field projects for individuals, companies, research, and educational institutes.

We can handle all the sides of your field/survey project, starting from

  • Desk review, gap analysis, and preparing & structuring the questionnaires.
  • Drawing representative samples, applying the correct sampling method, and performing pilot testing,
  • Conducting interviews, coding the output using  different statistical packages such as SPSS, Excel, and Stata, preparing the worksheets, and analyzing the collected data.
  • And finally formulate neat and professional reports that are equipped with highly professional and informative visualizations and data insights using Business intelligence packages such as Tableau and Power BI to ensure you really get what you are looking for.

Survey & Field Projects Administration

  • We are experts in statistical modeling, programming packages, data analysis and business intelligence tools.
  • We are multilingual at professional levels; we are ready to carry on projects that are completely or partially in English, German, Arabic and a wide list of South Asian languages.
  • We operate in a range of fields from good governance, to institutional and infrastructure development, economy to environment and sustainable energy policy.

  • We work with clients at all levels, from international organisations and national governments to individual donoes, local authorities and municipalities.

  • Beside our core experienced team members we have over 200 infield experts.
  • Our services are designed to fit your need, either you want us to handle the whole thing from the scratch or assist in a specific phase, either way, is fine with us.



Programme Design &


Managing International Development is the most complex and challenging role. In order to achieve the developmental outcomes, we need sound strategies and program design. We at M&S Research aims to innovate program designing, by helping individuals and organizations, to create programs in an efficient and effective way. This includes developing instrument and sound methodologies on:

  • Dynamic Cross Cultural, Contextual, and Stakeholders Analysis
  • Organizational and Staff Capacity Analysis
  • Designing the Theories of Change
  • Adaptive and Evidence-Based Monitoring and Evaluation Frameworks
  • Innovate Advocacy Planning and Skills Enhancement tools
  • Organizational Outreach Support

Our Areas of Operation include

  • Southeast Asia (Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Malaysia)
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • Africa
  • Latin America

Completed & Ongoing Projects


Status: Completed

Duration: 2017-2018

Location: Egypt

Title: Usage of remittances by Egyptian households

Donor: Yousef Jameel Academic Program Foundation, Dubai

Partners: Philipps University of Marburg (Germany) & BCI (Egypt)

Budget: 15000€

Outputs/reports/published papers: Click here to access the project paper.

All that you need to do is filling the following sheet, so we can better grasp your project’s goal and what are your expectations from our side.

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