MSR Working Papers

MSR working paper series is free of charge and available through this website, RePEc and SSRN. This series is listed under ISSN 2748-3916

    The following categories are eligible to submit their work to MSR working paper series:

    1) MSR staff and ambassadors.

    2) Senior fellows and affiliates.

    3) Annual conferences, workshops, and training programs' participants and graduates.

    List of Working papers


    2008 Financial Crises V.s. COVID 19: The Painful Double-Knock of Food Prices.

    John M. Riveros, Sherif M. Hassan and Oluwaseun Samuel Oduniyi

     No.: 01-2021                                Topic: FAO food price, ARDL                            Date: Mar 2020


    Excess liquidity and monetary policy implementation in a small open developing economy: The case of Mozambique

    Aurelio Bucuane

     No.: 04-2020                                Topic:  Exchange rate, Hybrid model          Date: Nov 2020

    Impact of Trade Openness on Foreign Direct Investment in Sub Saharan Africa Countries

    Badamasi Sani Mohamed and Sule Ya'u Hayewa

     No.: 03-2020                                Topic:  Trade openness, FMOLS          Date: Nov 2020


    First to React Is Last to Forgive: Evidence from the Stock Market Impact of COVID 19

    Sherif M. Hassan and John Riveros

     No.: 02-2020                                Topic:  COVID 19, Stock Market          Date: July 2020


    Health Repercussions of Child Marriage on Middle-Eastern Mothers and Their Children

    Sherif M. Hassan and Mohsin Khan

     No.: 01-2020                                Topic:  Development, Child Marriage          Date: May 2020


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