Governments, public and private sectors are facing up to the reality of COVID-19.  The short-term impacts on economic growth, social lives, and development indicators are undeniable. There are global supply-side problems caused by Covid-19 like closing factories and shutting down production lines, as well as the stagnated global human and cargo transport as a part of precautionary and control procedures. But there is another threat to the global economy that is related to the demand, which can cause ripple long-lasting effects that would potentially exceed those of the immediate direct disruption of the economy. The story is many-sided and the world is still living the pain. This project investigates the profound economic and social effects of COVID 19 pandemic. It aims to utilize available data to draw implications and policy actions for world leaders and policymakers to mitigate potential losses and assist in speedy recovery of the global economy. 

External Sources

This project is listed as one of the European Economic Association (EEA) Covid 19 projects.


- Hassan, S. M., and Riveros, J. (2020). First to React Is Last to Forgive: Evidence from the Stock Market Impact of COVID 19.

MSR Working paper series Nr. 002-2020.



Sherif Hassan

John Riveros

Samuel Oduniyi

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