Nearly 88% of the global figures of child marriage originate from South Asia and Sub Saharan Africa. Children's marriage is any formal marriage where one or both parties are under 18 years old. Each year on average 12 million girls are married before reaching 18 years old. This phenomenon carries serious implications for maternal and infant health outcomes. Additionally, These early married girls are more likely to suffer from domestic violence and have less access to education and economic opportunities. This phenomenon is not limited to developing countries, in the USA, several qualitative and quantitive studies were conducted to study these incidences and their ensued social, health, and economic spillovers. In recognition of the long-lasting effect of this phenomenon, One of the UN's sustainable development goals is to make child marriage illegal worldwide by 2030.


Health Repercussions of Child Marriage on Middle-Eastern Mothers and Their Children (ongoing)



Sherif Hassan

Mohsin Khan

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