Research Projects

The following list of projects is funded by the M&S Research Hub institute and administrated by the scientific staff and external collaborators.

Click on the project title to explore more details about available presentations and publications. 

COVID 19 and Global Economy

Health, Economic and Behavioral Implications of Child Marriage

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Latest News

  • 10. June.2020 // New Publication: Hassan, S. M., and Khan, M. (2020). Health Repercussions of Child Marriage on Middle Eastern Mothers and their children. MSR Working paper series Nr. 001-2020.
    • 21. July.2020 // New Publication: Hassan, S. M., and Riveros, J. (2020). First to React Is Last to Forgive: Evidence from the Stock Market Impact of COVID 19. MSR Working paper series Nr. 002-2020.

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