Mohsin Khan           

Program Design Division Director

M.A. Development Policy (International Development Economics and Public Administration), South Korea

M.Sc. (Hons) Rural Development, Pakistan


Shahid Perwez            

Senior Consultant Advisor

Ph.D. Gender & Development, University of Edinburgh, UK

Senior Vice President at M-CRIL


Anne Ouma         

Senior Consultant

Ph.D., Economic and Social geography, Umea University, Sweden

M.Sc. Hydraulic & Environmental Engineering, Netherlands



Hanan El Guindy        

Senior Consultant

Ph.D., International Relations & Development, University of London, UK

M.A., Public Administration, Syracuse University, USA



As a mid-career development aid and policy expert, Mohsin brings diverse work experiences in program designing, monitoring, impact evaluation, institutional analysis, and governance. He is currently an adjunct Lecturer for Governance and Public policy at NUML University, Islamabad, Pakistan, and a Member of the Advisory Group CIVICUS- a World Alliance for Citizen Participation, based in South Africa, providing technical and strategic support to oversaw Global Solidarity Fund. He is also a Co-Founder and CEO of Youth Advocacy Council, a youth-led organization, using evidence-based research, AI and Digital technology aiming to accelerate sustainable development goals and agenda 2030. In the past, he has worked with the KOICA, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea, Government of Pakistan, ECHO, DFID, and READ Foundation, where he led various programs centered on socio-economic development in South and Southeast Asia and Africa, specifically in the realm of women's empowerment, Peace, Human Rights, Health, Girl’ Education, and (e)governance. He has been awarded various national and international awards including Global Ambassador Fellowship by KDI School of Public Policy and Management, South Korea, Young Leaders Fellowship by Asia-Europe Foundation, DICE Fellowship by British Council, and Asia-Pacific Youth Parliament for Water among others. At MSR, he is responsible for strategic and institutional development, and oversaw the program design and capacity development division. 


Dr Shahid Perwez is an international development consultant with a Ph.D. in sociology and social anthropology of development from the University of Edinburgh, UK. He works for governments, profit, and non-profits, to evaluate the impact of projects, policies and programs in developing countries. He works with them to improve the quality and organizational use of their monitoring, evaluation, research, data collection and results-measurement. Dr Perwez offers a unique combination of research and professorial skills with technical, technological, management and capacity building skills. He is trained in quantitative and qualitative methods and in using innovative research techniques, with extensive field experience in India, Southeast Asia and Latin America. He has about 2 decades of experience in designing research and evaluations for international organizations, including delivering research training and workshops for development professionals.


Dr. Anne Ouma´s work experience as a scholar and development professional spans over 30 years’ in the international development sector, in Africa, Asia, and Europe.

As a scholar, Dr. Ouma has published/publishes articles and regularly reviews articles in several peer-review journals in Medical sociology and Geographical journals. As a development practitioner, she has knowledge and understanding of some multilateral, bilateral partners’ systems. Expertise in research, monitoring and evaluation, strategic planning, capacity building and trainer, program/ project proposal design, development, and management. Policy advisory and technical support in biodiversity conservation, gender and development, diplomacy, refugees and conflict mitigation. A long term trainer for NGO and community-based development workers, graduate students, refugees, and UN personnel, government officials to build capacity and skills in inter alia, sensitivity, emotional intelligence and adaptability to work in complex and international multicultural environments. As a development worker she has a legacy of working and collaborating with national and international organizations including inter alia; UNDP, SIDA, UN Women, UNFPA, Lake Basin Development Authority-Kenya; in several countries including Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Vietnam, Sweden, The Netherlands. Dr. Ouma has served on some Advisory Boards including; SIDA-Stockholm on strategic support to Development Cooperation with African partnerships; Advisory board for the Swedish national and regional board for adult vocational education; Advisory board for Umeå Centre for tropical research, (UCTREE) hosted by Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU); National Steering Committee (NSC) for the Tanzania Small Grants Global environmental funding program. Currently serves on the advisory board of Another Development Foundation, ADEP.


Dr. Hanan Elguindy working experience included collaboration with several countries through different international and national organizations in different areas of managing and building the capacities of national, governmental and international organizations as well as diversified target groups relevant to social development, official development assistance, Education and vocational education, Sustainable development goals, Strategic Planning, Organizational Development, women empowerment, development, Youth Empowerment, strategic planning, gender, official development assistance, public administration, managing for development…etc. 

Her experience included working extensively in Egypt, Arab and Gulf Region as well as some African Countries; through several International organizations such as: USAID, European Commission, UN Women, UNDP Regional Office for Arab States, UNDP Egypt, UNDP Kuwait, UNDP Libya, ILO office of Egypt, UNESCO Regional Office for the Arab Region, UNIDO, UNFPA, PLAN International, CARE International, MasterCard Foundation and BBC World Service Trust.

Dr. El Guindy has more than 32 years of diversified experience in handling different programs, in different international, national,  and Nongovernmental organizations.

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