Scientific Committee


Prof. Russayani Ismail, Universiti Utara Malaysia (Malaysia)

-Prof. Mukaramah Haroon, Universiti Utara Malaysia (Malaysia)

-Ass. Prof. Ron Mahabir, Brown University (USA)

-Ass.Prof. Hany Abdellatif, Swansea University (UK)

-Dr. Ahmed Badreldin, Phillips University of Marburg (Germany)

-Ass. Prof. Chahir Zaki, Cairo University (Egypt)

-Mr. Muhammad Farhan Basheer, Universiti Utara Malaysia (Malaysia)

-Dr. Sherif Hassan, M&S Research Hub (Germany)

-Mr. Arshian Sharif, Universiti Utara Malaysia (Malaysia)

-Prof. Asaad Zaman, Ex. vice-chancellor of Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (Pakistan)

-Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shahbaz, University of Cambridge (United Kingdom) and Beijing Institute of Technology (China)

-Ass Prof. Bilal Bagis, UC Berkeley (USA) 







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