Travel & accommodation



  • Please check the following link to know if you require a visa to enter Germany or not.
  • If you require a visa, we will support your visa application after registering for the conference with an official invitation letter (requests are sent to To know more about the visa process and the other required documents, kindly contact the local German embassy in your country of residence.  
  • Affordable flight tickets can be found on Sky Scanner.
  • Our conference attendees will receive discounted prices for their booked accommodation in the Schweizer Hof hotel (, Wilhelmshöher Allee 288, 34131 Kassel
  • After registering for the conference you will receive a discount code that can be used if you decided to book a room at the Schweizer Hof Hotel. Booking at the Schweizer Hof is not mandatory, you are free to arrange your own accommodation.

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