Kids Robotics Academy


In a rapidly, tech-driven, transforming world, where computer technology dominates every aspect of daily lives, coding literacy is getting critical.

Equipping you and your kids with AI knowledge and skills will help ensure employability and career potential in the future.

medical robots

Medical Robots

Disinfecting rooms, helping surgeries, and hand-out medication.

Robotics Parking 

Save time, reduce land use, and limit Co2


medical robots


robot parking service

Source: Stanely Robots-Lyon Airport

Logistics Robots

Reduce production costs, enhance efficiency, and raise profits

First of-its-kind Training

Combining both coding classes and hands-on technical tutorials to teach your kids how to program and code machines

Complete Course on

Coding & Machine Learning 

For Robotic Enthusiasts Aged 10 and above

20+ Hours Step-By-Step Training



Live and online training, so you and your kids can watch, interact, and enjoy live disccussions



Content is delivered in English with the option for group real-time translation into Arabic / German languages



Timely follow-up by the moderator if there are any questions or requests for elaborations.

*No Prior Knowledge * Designed for Young Programmers*

Unleash your kids' imagination power, start from scratch, and teach your kid the language of tomorrow