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Editing or Reviewing


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Give your manuscript a scientific touch besides quality writing


Get your manuscript edited by native top researchers in your field

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Our language editors at M&S Research Hub are not only native speakers with advanced academic qualifications, but they are also experienced researchers from different scientific disciplines and actively publishing their own research.

We edit all types of academic documents (dissertations, researches, essays, presentations, and conferences proceedings).

Two Levels of Editing

Before Edting

After Editing


We promise to deliver a normal manuscript of 10,000 words in record time within 3 working days only. The shorter the manuscript the sooner it will be delivered.


A guarantee of free reediting when your paper is conditionally accepted or rejected due to language-related mistakes.

Our prices are competitive. We also offer our regular customers and partners a 7% discount. 


Academic Proofreading


We check for problems in tense and conjugations, correct spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors, eliminate long sentences, improper and non-scientific language and improve the overall presentation of your manuscript. 



We at M&S Research Hub will take one step further to improve your manuscript. Besides improving the written language, an expert from our academic team will review your manuscript and deliver a one-page referee report for suggested improvements for the scientific and methodological content of your manuscript.


This service is free of charge. For now, the review service is only offered for economics and medicine-related manuscripts.

Advanced Editing



We perform the conventional proofreading tasks, however, we focus on topics such as pacing, plot, characterization, and setting. every modification needed to successfully complete that arduous journey of making your manuscript a professional. Please be informed that this service might require rewriting sentences or adding new parts to your manuscript.






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