Digitization Explained

Turn Your Research Into Digital Products

As a part of M&S Research Hub mission to disseminate knowledge, we will digitize your research findings by turning them into straight-to-the point blog posts and short videos.

On one front, your ideas and main results will reach larger audiences and this will enhance your scientific impact factors and improve the number of citations based on your work. 

On another front, the reachability of your research outcomes will further expand to inspire non-professionals, policymakers, industrial delegates, and the public.

How to apply for this service?

* Send us at info@ms-researchhub.com a summary of your research findings (Max 1000 words). Make sure to cite your original research at the end of the excerpt. 

* Our language editors will refine and proofread your excerpt. 

* Your research summary will appear on our blog with your name while citing your original research.

* Our video editing partner Shuhrat will work closely with you to turn your research findings into a short video. 

* Your digitized research is now ready to be shared with the world.