We at M&S Research Hub truly understand that conducting a robust methodological analysis is the most important as well as the most challenging part of your research. It defines to a large extent whether your paper will be accepted or rejected for publication and how well your dissertation will be graded eventually.

The methodological analysis is composed of a set of cumulative stages, starting with defining your study hypotheses or research questions, collecting and refining your data and variables, specifying the correct statistical method, importing data into the relevant statistical package, interpreting the results, and eventually the clear and concise structuring and ordering of the prior steps to formulate a sound methodology for your piece of research.

Statistical & Data Analysis

Data Collection & Analysis

If your data are rare, unreachable or available in a different language than yours, and you lack the time and initiative to find them. We are multilingual and we will use our network of databases to locate your data, build your worksheet and make it ready for the implementation step.

Step By Step 

Modeling Guidance

If you find it hard to build your statistical model or select the appropriate methodology to test your research questions/hypotheses. Either your study requires a quantitative and/or qualitative analysis, we will help you to select, justify, and apply the correct method.

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