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We provide all possible support and guidance for qualified and ambitious students who are willing to earn their next degree from top universities in Germany.

4 Facts to Know about Studying in Germany

1-Compared to other EU countries, the UK and the US, Germany has many full and partial scholarships for international students to cover living costs, tuition fees, and german language courses.

2- German universities offer excellent teaching, ranking among the best in the world. You will earn an internationally recognized degree.

3- The employment rate is very high, if you failed to get a scholarship, you will eventually get a student job beside your study with a good salary, very low-income taxes, and a complete social safety package of insurance, pension, and other benefits. 

4- High integration chances in the job market, as after completing your degree, you automatically get a one-year and a half residence to search for a job in your field.

Are You Seriously Willing to Take this Big Life Step, but You Have No Clue How & Where to Start

Our dedicated staff of multilingual graduates and officers will provide full support in:

  • Locating and applying for the best study programs in your fields of interest to complete your desired degree (Bachelor, Masters, and Ph.D.)

  • Locating and applying for potential scholarships, financing programs, and other funding options.

  • Assisting in preparing the required documents, especially for Ph.D. degree applicants. Documents such as a cover letter and research proposal are critical to leave a good impression and to get an invitation letter from an academic host.

  • Preparing student visa applications and other formalities related to traveling to Germany.

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