Lost in equations!

Have you ever felt puzzled from terms such as endogeneity, GMM methodology, dynamic modeling, and unit root testing? Have you ever felt lost in the econometrics classes, with all these algebraic formulations and statistical notations, nevertheless your peers are having fun and not facing similar troubles?


Well, you have landed at the right place




We at M&S Research Hub will help you to understand econometrics and realize how useful and powerful this science is for validating scientific theories.


Our online training is perfectly tailored for your need, level of knowledge, and language proficiency. We do not offer rigid online lectures which broadcast non-personalised information. Instead, we offer an interactive and learning platform where everyone lively interacts and learns.


We will not only explain theories, rather we will also develop your practical skills by applying your knowledge using your preferred statistical package, you pick it, Eviews, Stata, Matlab, R.


Our teaching staff is experts. They have earned their post-graduate degrees from top universities, have huge practical experience and are true teachers by nature.

Certificate of completion and a secured discount on the registration fees for any of M&S Research Hub current or upcoming events and conference. 




We will stay by your side until you break the ice with econometrics, start enjoying and mastering its tools.

Select from the four group modules the one that best fit your needs. The training includes applications on Eviews and Stata. If you could not find what you are looking for then request your private training. We use Cisco's Webex online platform to deliver our training.

Proceed to the payment page and start your training.


Pay now half the module price and reserve your seat. The next half is due before the training ends. We accept payments by Paypal, bank transfers and credit cards. 



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Module one:

Basic setup of econometrics


     View from the content:


  • Classical linear regression assumptions
  • Specification problems
  • OLS
  • Single & multiple regression models







Duration: 3 weeks (2.5H/every week)

















  • 2 Successfully completed groups

  • Registration for the third group is open



Module three:

Panel data econometrics


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  • Panel specification tests (Chow, wald, panel unit root, Hausman, etc.)
  • Pooled OLS 
  • Fixed & random effects models.
  • Dynamic panel models: DPD, panel VAR & GMM
  • IV models








Duration: 5 weeks (2.5H/every week)









  • 1 Successfully completed group
  • 1 Active group
  • Registration for the third group is open



Module two:

Time series econometrics


     View from the content:


  • Stationarity & model selection criteria
  • Cointegration and causality
  • Dynamic time series models (e.g. VAR, XVAR, SVAR, VECM)
  • ARDL, ARIMA & GARCH models




Duration: 5 weeks (2.5H/every week)









  • 1 Active group



Module four:

Advanced topics


     View from the content:


  • Nonlinearity: testing & appropriate models
  • Logit & Probit models
  • Censored & Truncated models
  • Poisson regression models
  • Endogeneity and instrumental variables models






 Duration: 4 weeks (2.5H/every week)






  • Registration for the first group is open

What Our Trainees Are Saying

F. A.

Ph.D. Candidate from Malaysia

"from the first glance, I hesitated to join the training here, thinking why would I pay for something that can be accessed for free from youtube videos and other resources. Then I decided to take private training sessions for panel data models to complete one of my Ph.D. papers. Well, I admit there is a big difference between a video that simply says the same thing for everyone and a live interactive training with an experienced researcher that can answer your questions, guide you step by step, adjust the delivered information the way you like. I highly recommend this training"


Master's student from Germany

"I have requested a private training to help me in solving problems related to the methodological part of my master's thesis. I am completely satisfied with the help and the price that I have paid "


Ph.D. Candidate from the UK

"Originally I come from a developing country, and I had troubles with the econometrics classes and software applications during my Ph.D. in one of the top universities in the UK. I have been working closely since over a year ago with a trainer from M&S Research Hub. Totally competent, professional and have supported me greatly during the course of my Ph.D. work"


Master's student from Morocco

"I have just completed the basic econometrics group course,  finally I started to understand what econometrics is about. Totally recommend this training for the beginners. I have already applied for the rest of the modules"


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