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Have you ever felt puzzled from terms such as endogeneity, GMM methodology, dynamic modeling, and unit root testing? Have you ever felt lost in the econometrics classes, with all these algebraic formulations and statistical notations, nevertheless your peers are having fun and not facing similar troubles? 


Stop wasting your time.... trying to see the complete image of your target model/topic from different text resources and videos over the web. Learn all that you need from one source, quick, accurate, reliable and truly professional.

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Earn your credentials from a registered research company in Germany. We adhere to high-quality European educational standards. 

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The training content is flexible and structured, you can pick one of the four group modules or you can design your own private personalized training


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Select from the four group modules the one that best fit your needs. The training includes applications on Eviews and Stata. If you could not find what you are looking for then request your private training. We use Cisco's WebEx online platform to deliver our training.

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Module one:

Basic setup of econometrics


     View from the content:


  • Classical linear regression assumptions
  • Specification problems
  • OLS
  • Single & multiple regression models







Duration: 3 weeks (3H/every week)

Price: 40€

















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Registration for the third group is open:

7 seats are left



Module three:

Panel data econometrics


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  • Panel specification tests (Chow, wald, panel unit root, Hausman, etc.)
  • Pooled OLS 
  • Fixed & random effects models.
  • Dynamic panel models: DPD, panel VAR & GMM
  • IV models








Duration: 5 weeks (3H/every week)

Price: 67€ 



3 Successfully completed groups.

Registration for the fourth group is open:

8 seats are left



Module two:

Time series econometrics


     View from the content:


  • Stationarity & model selection criteria
  • Cointegration and causality
  • Dynamic time series models (e.g. VAR, XVAR, SVAR, VECM)
  • Volatility models: ARCH family




Duration: 5 weeks (3H/every week)

Price: 54€





1 successfully completed group.

Registration for the second group is open: 

6 seats are left



Module four:

Advanced topics


     View from the content:


  • Nonlinearity: testing & appropriate models
  • Structured equation modeling
  • Logit & Probit models
  • Censored & Truncated models
  • Poisson regression models
  • Endogeneity and instrumental variables model







Duration: 4 weeks (3H/every week)

Price: 95€






Registration for the first group is open:

7 seats are left

1- All that you need is a laptop, internet connection, speaker and Mic. 

2- The training dates and schedule will be coordinated between the trainer and the participants.

3- The minimum number to start a group is 10 participants.

4- If the group is not completed for 3 weeks and the participants would like to start, then an extra 25€ will be required from every participant to start the training. 

If you have any questions contact us at info@ms-researchhub.com, chat with us during our working hours or call us at +49 (0) 17686387586

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