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Excellent trainers, excellent content, highly specialized training. I have booked two different training and every time I finish, I get more than I expected and wanted. Highly recommended.

Abdallah Yamani 

Source - Facebook Page


amazing resources. highly recommend

Lewis Leech

Source - Facebook Page


I am very satisfied from the service and help of MS research Hub. In Albania it is very hard to find macroeconomic data and I appreciate that MS found then in short time. Very correct in everything. 


Source - Home Page


The training was good, I liked it very much, I think that maybe it could be a good idea to make a course with more details, like a semester course of time series similar to the master and phd courses related to time series. 


Source - Email review. Click to view



Module three:

Panel data econometrics


     View from the content:


  • Panel specification tests (Chow, wald, panel unit root, Hausman, etc.)
  • Pooled OLS, fixed, dynamic fixed & random-effects models.
  • Dynamic panel models: DPD, panel VAR & GMM
  • IV models
  • Panel ARDLnew
  • Panel Data for Limited dependent variablesnew
  • DCC under GMM new
  • Dynamic Threshold new
  • Intro to Global VAR new





          Duration: 30 Hours (8-9 weeks)





Module two:

Time series econometrics


     View from the content:


  • Stationarity & model selection criteria
  • Cointegration and causality
  • Dynamic time series models (e.g. VAR, XVAR, SVAR, VECM)
  • Volatility models: ARCH family
  • In and out-sample Forecasting new



Duration: 19 Hours (4-5 weeks)




Module one:

Basic econometrics


     View from the content:


  • Classical linear regression assumptions
  • Specification problems
  • OLS
  • Single & multiple regression models
  • WLS, GLS and FMGLS new





Duration: 9 Hours (3-4 weeks)











Group Training Modules

  • Select from the six group modules the one that best fits your needs.
  • The training (Modules 1-4) includes practical labs using Eviews or Stata (selection is based on majority request).
  • We use Cisco's WebEx, Zoom, and Business Skype online platforms to deliver our training. We can also organize training on-site upon request.



Module four:

Advanced topics


     View from the content:


  • Nonlinearity: testing & appropriate models
  • Structured equation modeling
  • Logit & Probit models
  • Censored & Truncated models
  • Endogeneity and instrumental variables model
  • Treatment effect Models new







Duration: 27 Hours (9 Weeks) 






Module five:

Basic Econometrics using R (Practical labs only)


     View from the content:


  • Introduction to R
  • Data in R
  • Regression Analysis in R
  • Time Series Analysis in R

    Volatility models (ARIMA and GARCH systems) and Multivariate Endogenous Models (VAR Family)

  • Panel Econometrics in R: Fixed, Random effects and Dynamic models GMM.


Duration: 6-8 Hours (3 Weeks) 






Module Six:

Advanced Econometrics using R (Practical labs only)


     View from the content:


  • Introduction to R
  • Data in R
  • Quantile Regression in R
  • Parametrics Regressions in R

     linear regression, logistic regression, probit regression, and negative binomial regressions

  • Nonparametrics Regressions in R: splines and kernel regressions



 Duration: 7-9 Hours (3-4 Weeks) 




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Live Training


Follow our channel and see other sessions on  

Video 1: Bivariate ARDL models: Theory and model structure            (3 Minutes)

Video 3: طريقة المربعات الصغري شرح كامل - OLS Explained - Arabic                           (14 Minutes)

Video 2: Generalization of ARCH: Theoretical introduction to GARCH                    (8 Minutes)

Video 3: Difference in Difference: Introduction

(13 Minutes)

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3- The minimum number to start a group is 5 participants.

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