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Updated on 11.01.2024

The following data protection notice clarifies how your data are collected and processed when using any of M&S Research Hub's group websites  ( including DPG




Under data protection law, the entity responsible for the data collection and data processing in this website is:


M&S Research Hub Group

Landgraf Karl Str. 11

34131 Kassel, Germany

Official Registration details for M&S Research Hub Group -including DPG

TAX ID: 02582534117 (Registered at Finanz Amt Kassel - Germany)

EU ID: DE324037141


In order to protect the security of your data during transmission, we use state-of-the-art encryption procedures on our website.




      A. Technically required data

If you're accessing our website, general information is automatically recorded. This information includes, for example, the log files (server)

  • Internet Protocol (IP) address of the terminal from which the online offer is accessed;
  • Internet address of the website from which the online offer was retrieved origin or referrer URL);
  • Name of the service provider through which the online offer is accessed;
  • Name of the recovered files or information;
  • The date and time, and duration of the retrieval;
  • quantity of data transferred;
  • Operating system and information of the internet browser, including installed add-ons (e.g., Flash Player);
  • HTTP Status Code (e.g. "Successful request" or "Requested File Not Found").

This information is technically necessary to properly deliver content from web pages requested by you and clarify any incidents or security incidents (such as attack attempts) and is mandatory when using the internet.


The legal basis for processing your data for technical purposes is the preservation of our legitimate interest in the usability and protection of our website, Art.6 Paragraph11 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation.


      B. Cookies

Cookies are small text files that are stored in your browser by websites that you visit. They usually contain a website and an identifier. Cookies help improve your experience while browsing on our website, for example, by remembering what items you put in your basket.

We use cookies to improve your browser experience by remembering that you have logged in. If you fill out a contact form we use cookies to remember your details for the next time.

We use third-party cookies to track how you use our website, for example, what pages you visit and how long you spend on them. This helps us get a better understanding of how people are using our site and how they access it, which helps us create better campaigns.

You can prevent cookies from being placed in your browser settings, though this may affect the functionality of websites that you visit. Cookies on our website are not essential but may improve your experience.

If you want to delete cookies in your browser, you can check different resources over the web. 



If you contact us by e-mail or telephone, we will process the information provided by you to process the request and for possible follow-up questions.

The legal basis for the processing of your data can be, in particular: the implementation or initiation of a contract with you (Art.6Paragraph11 b of the EU General Data Protection Regulation) or our legitimate interest in the answer and follow-up your request (Art.6Paragraph11 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation).

We may contact potential customers, partners, or guest speakers using their explicitly publicly available contact details, such as mail, email addresses, or phone numbers.

In the case of an active contact or booking a service, your contact details and any related documentation, submission, deliverable, software codes, and any technical assents are treated confidentially, will not be stored, and will be removed after the cooperation/assignment/service is completed (see section 4).

After submitting feedback regarding the provided service or after attending the course via email or through any of our social platforms, we reserve the right to use your review for posting on our website. If we choose to do so, we will attribute the feedback to your name, acknowledged affiliation, and utilize a public picture available on your LinkedIn or other professional websites. Your consent for such use is assumed unless otherwise specified. 


Registration for our newsletter is voluntary and requires your prior consent; If you do not subscribe to the newsletter, it will not affect the usability of our website.


To verify that an application is made by the respective owner of an e-mail address, we use the "double-opt-in" procedure. We will send you a confirmation email to the e-mail address you provided, asking you to accept the newsletter subscription.


To do this, we record the following information:

  • At the time of the subscription to the newsletter
  • At the time of sending the confirmation e-mail
  • Content of the confirmation e-mail
  • At the time of the activation of the confirmation link or archiving of the reply e-mail sending the confirmation e-mail


Your personal and contact data will not be passed on to third parties.

You can revoke the consent for the newsletter dispatch at any time by sending us your request at or clicking "unsubscribe" anytime at any of the received emails.


An integral part of M&S Research Hub's general policy is the training terms and conditions available here


All personal contact details of job applicants, as well as any files shared in connection with the job application, such as CVs, cover letters, transcripts, uploaded videos, and short testimonials, will be securely and permanently deleted from our servers once the hiring committee completes its review of applications and makes final decisions regarding the candidates who will be selected to join our team for each job posting.




You have the right to obtain information about the personal data that we have stored. To do so, please send us an e-mail


You can demand that your data be deleted or its processing be limited even while using any of our services. Deletion is, however, only possible for data that we do not need for performing the contractual relationship with you or for legally mandated archiving purposes or for verification purposes.



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