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     JOB TITLE: Onboard Internship program


LOCATION: Online internship training program

Deadline: Applications for Winter intake 2021 can be submitted until 15 Sep. 2020



  • Get better at understanding, applying, and teaching applied statistics, progmetrics & econometrics. After graduation, academy trainees will recieve a formal job offer to join M&S Research Hub academic team.

More details are available under the M&S Research Hub Academy page here



     JOB TITLE: Researcher Ambassador

DEPARTMENT: Sales and Marketing

LOCATION: Working on-site at economic schools/ research centers around the world / Online networking

Deadline: Applications can be submitted anytime



  • As an Ambassador, you will be the face and voice of M&S Research Hub, helping to drive sales and increase brand awareness. You will work closely with our Administrative and Marketing division to grow the lifetime value of the customer and increase active registrations at our online training and events. Our team is dynamic, diverse, and dedicated to our mission of bridging knowledge. We hope you’re as energized as we are!


  • Conduct product samplings/demonstrations and distribute promotional materials while maintaining a complete understanding of MS Hub’s services and mission
  • Attend activation events and serve as the face and voice of MS HUB’s brand
  • Create excitement and positive brand experience with consumers at all times through word of mouth and social media marketing
  • Create social media content to increase brand awareness and drive sales
  • Responsible for personal reporting records such as expense and time sheets, as well as regional field marketing activity reports and key performance indicator tracking


We’re looking for someone who is great with people, enthusiastic about economics, and supports the MS HUB’s message of promoting “Students and researchers understanding of applied statistics & Econometrics while promoting good and robust scientific practices”. The best candidates will:

  • Currently enrolled in economics-related Masters or Ph.D. degrees programs.
  • Or have just completed his/her post-graduate degree and still attaining a strong connection with the school, such as holding a student teaching assistant/ associate position/junior faculty positions, manage some projects at the campus, etc.
  • Have proven organizational skills with the ability to prioritize responsibilities and multitask
  • Have exceptional networking and relationship-building skills, both in-person and online
  • Preference for those with a strong presence on social media
  • Have an outgoing and energetic personality with the willingness to talk to anyone at anytime
  • Be dynamic; able to self-monitor and work independently as well as in a team setting
  • Be a self-starter, punctual, and reliable
  • Be passionate and dedicated to the MS HUB image.


  • Flexible work schedule and ability to be on your feet for 3-4 hours at a time


  • Daily basis: 45€/day (Public campaigns)     or   Referral basis: 7%-12% out of sales income with min. amount of 10€(Euros) per referral. 


- 15% discount on training and events fees

- Free access to selected events and training programs

- Chance to submit your work at MSR working paper series and join the existing research projects team. 


  • Relevant: 1 year (Preferred)
  • Brand Ambassador: 1 year (Preferred)
  • Sales: 1 year (Preferred)


  • Perfect English, plus the local language of your country or your place of studying/working


To apply please send your 1) updated CV, 2) transcripts and 3) cover letter to Please keep in mind that we cannot follow up with all applicants, only selected candidates for interviewing will be notified.



      JOB TITLE: Academic Council Staff



LOCATION: Currently this position will be mainly remotely but in some cases, you might be invited to organize onsite workshops or participate in one of our annual conferences.

Deadline: Applications are no longer accepted



  • Delivering econometrics and statistical software online one to one and group training.
  • Preparing valued content for online and onsite workshops at relevant areas of your expertise.



  • Advanced skills in applying econometric models using common statistical and programming packages, STATA, Eviews, R, Matlab, Python, Rats and others
  • Teacher by nature, a good communicator and can easily elaborate and simplify the most complicated contents
  • Postgraduate degree (Master’s or Ph.D.)  in fields of economics, econometrics, and applied statistics from an EU or U.S. based university. 
  • Strong research profile and evidence of research excellence in applied econometrics
  • Preferably, previous experience with online training
  • Fluent English and other languages will be an asset

Our offer


Our offer is primarily based on the idea that you will not be employed by MSR, you will be a stakeholder and part of this institute. Our mission is to promote good scientific practices by enhancing researchers' skills of econometrics and applied statistics regardless of where they come from and what their educational background us. Everyone deserves a chance to learn how to turn their ideas into robust and correctly validated pieces of researches.


The freelance nature of this role enables you to pursue your part-time or full-time job without any problem. Your contact details, as well as your expertise, will be stored, once a client requests a training in your areas of expertise we shall contact you accordingly and make you a price offer for the training or task. You can also propose ideas of workshops and training programs, where MSR will do all the promotion for you, against a generous remuneration package. In general, hourly rates ranges from 13-20€/H.


Please be informed that we will only follow up with those candidates that will be selected for interviews.

To apply please send your 1) updated CV, 2) transcripts and 3) cover letter to or apply via the Facebook application system at


        JOB TITLE: Evaluation Consultant


MS Research Hub is a research company based in Kassel Germany. We offer different services to support researchers, particularly focus on the field of Econometrics and applied statistics. We also administrate and evaluate field projects for research organizations, international donors and individuals. 



SCOPE: Consultancy

DEPARTMENT: Program Design and Impact Evaluation Unit


LOCATION: The position is mainly remotely (home base), however, as per the need of the consultancy, you might be asked to work on the field in areas in your country or overseas. Similarly, you might be invited to attend board meetings or to represent the institute for prospective clients and in relevant summits and gatherings.

Deadline: Applications are no longer accepted




The Evaluation Consultant will be one of the core team members at the program design and impact evaluation department. You will utilize your technical expertise and knowledge to compete for the proposal of research and training nature, undertake the evaluation work of assigned projects in different fields. In general you will support project work as needed as projects can vary in terms of depth, length of engagement, and type of evaluation services needed.


  • Drafting proposals and attending meetings with prospective clients to enhance our institute portfolio of projects.
  • Work with clients to develop robust evaluation questions, methods, and reporting approaches.
  • Being able to design and administrate both quantitative (surveys, etc.) and qualitative (interview protocols, focus group guides, etc.) approaches.
  • Collecting data via different tools such as conducting interviews, focus groups, and administering surveys and questionnaires.
  • Analyze information gleaned from diverse sources and methods.
  • Developing clear and structured evaluation findings and data-grounded recommendations through reports and other project outputs.
  • Provide evaluation technical assistance and training to client organizations and individuals where needed
  • Administrate projects including managing project budgets, on-field experts and enforcing structured work plans.
  • Maintaining regular contact and communications with clients.
  • Assist in the management and quality control for assigned projects.
  • Interface with the Project Lead and other project team members to ensure coordination, production of products, and efficient collaboration among team members.
  • Facilitate meetings with clients, staff, and other stakeholders.
  • Participate in marketing and sales efforts where needed, including attending meetings with prospective clients, drafting proposals, assisting in the preparation of firm marketing materials, and working to implement marketing strategies.
  • Thoughtfully contributing to the evaluation field through articles, presentations, workshops, blog posts, social media engagement, etc


  • More than 8 years’ experience in project and/or program designing, impact evaluation, KAP or gap analysis in any development-related areas
  • Profund experience in writing proposals and administrating projects for international donors lie USAID, UN, World Bank, and ADB etc. (preference will be given to candidates who worked as consultant with any of these multilateral or bilateral agencies or MFIs)
  • Master’s degree or higher in Social Sciences, Public Policy, International Relations, Natural Sciences (Agriculture, Statistics, ICT) or other fields relevant.
  • Advanced skills using MS Office package
  • Proficient with statistical analysis software like SPSS, STATA, R and Phyton (preferred)
  • Professional knowledge and experience of conducting quantitative and qualitative data analysis.
  • Demonstrated understanding of equity and diversity considerations in evaluation approaches.
  • Excellent project management and organizational skills.
  • Excellent writing skills (especially in technical and financial grant writing)
  • Agree and write consent letter as per standard Employee regulation manual of MSR Germany.



MSR offers a unique, attractive and comprehensive package, based on the principle that the selected consultant is not employed, BUT treated as a stakeholder and part of this growing institute. 


We negate the traditional models of consultancy services, where you work all day and night to win and lead a project of worth millions $, you get eventually a few hundreds of dollars as a monthly salary. Rather, at MSR, we follow a different fairer approach, where our employees are getting fully integrated and get what they really deserve, so your remuneration can reach up to 50% of the profit generated from the project. Extra benefits will include 50% discount on registration fees of any organized event or staff capacity building initiatives by MSR, ability to contribute to the training department by designing a trading course and workshops against excellent remuneration.


Please be informed that we will only follow up with those candidates that will be selected for interviews and competency-based tests, comprised of the technical and financial assessment.


Selected candidates will be among the core team members and become one of the cornerstones of our Program design and Impact Evaluation department.

To apply please send your 1) updated CV that lists former consulting experiences while mentioning budgets and clients, 2) transcripts and 3) cover letter stating your motives, suitability and any plan to lead MSR and 4) any writing sample such as winning project/technical proposal you have written and won the funding to For further questions contact the Program Director Mr. Mohsin Khan at

        JOB TITLE: Sales & Marketing Manager


MS Research Hub is a research company based in Kassel Germany. We offer different services to support researchers, particularly focus on the field of Econometrics and applied statistics. We also administrate and evaluate field projects for research organizations, international donors and individuals. 


DEPARTMENT: Sales and Marketing

LOCATION: Office based in Germany. However, this job might require traveling to Asia and the Middle East where needed

Deadline: Applications are no longer accepted




-Conducting onsite and online market research in Europe, Asia, and Middle East Regions to find answers about consumer requirements, habits and trends

- Developing ideas for creative marketing campaigns, expand our consumer's database and enhance brand outreach.

-Assisting in the different marketing activities by demonstrating expertise in various areas (content development and optimization, advertising, events planning etc.)

- Analyze market data and suggest new tactics to enhance business performance.

- Responsible for data protection of our customers, employees and our institute.





- 5 years and + experience as a marketing and sales specialist or a similar role, preferably at companies located in the Middle East, especially inside the GCC region.

- Demonstrable experience in marketing data analytics and tools

- Solid computer skills, including MS Office and BI software such as Tableau.

- Well-organized, detail-oriented and creative

- Exceptional communication and writing skills

- Multilingual, English is a must plus Arabic.

- Bachelor in marketing or business-related scientific discipline.




- Hourly rate 13€ - Full time 40 H/ week or part-time

- Health insurance

- Pension

- Permanent work contract

- Travel costs for job-related tasks will be completely refunded.

- Over 8 hours working days will be extra compensated according to §9 Abs.4a Satz 3 Nr. 3 EStG.


To apply please send your 1) updated CV, 2) transcripts and 3) cover letter to Please keep in mind that we cannot follow up with all applicants, only selected candidates for interviewing will be notified



Outreach Specialist and Media Marketer

M&S Research Hub is a research and academic institute that organize online and onsite live training in fields of advanced econometrics, statistics, data analysis, and programming for institutes and individuals. On another front, we design and administrate wide-scale development, survey, and impact assessment projects for NGOs, governments, and donor agencies. Learn more at

Job Description: The Outreach Specialist will be responsible for supporting outreach and recruitment activities on behalf of the programs and services offered by MSR Hub. Working with internal and external stakeholders, the role of the Outreach Specialist will be to connect business owners and entrepreneurs to MSR business services.

Job Responsibilities: The Outreach Specialist and Media Marketer will join the Outreach and Facilitators Unit and support the division’s outreach efforts both on the ground and digitally. They will be responsible for the administration, operations, and project management of outreach activities in their geographic and programmatic portfolio. Some specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

• Representing the institute at community events

• Planning and coordinating events with external stakeholders

• Facilitating informational workshops and presentations on programs and services

• Providing targeted outreach support to programs at the institute Responsible for enhancing outreach and engagement of individuals and institutes with our social media pages and official website.

• Other duties as necessary

Preferred Skills:

• Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to work well with staff across a variety of positions and levels of seniority throughout the agency and in the field

• Superior written, communication and analytical skills

• Strong organizational skills, including the ability to plan, coordinate, implement, and finalize projects according to specifications, deadlines and budgets

• Proficiency in Microsoft Office, including Excel and PowerPoint

This is a contract-based job, the tentative working load will be 5-6 hours per week. All costs associated with the work duties, travel, telecommunication, etc. will be reimbursed. An extra bonus will be paid as per the target achieved. Please submit your CV, cover letter, copy of educational certificates, or previous work recommendation letters to [] while stating the subject outreach specialist. Or submit your application via Facebook job post on our official Facebook page. Applications are accepted until 15 October 2021.