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The Global Economics Conference (GEC) is locally organized by M&S Research Hub with the scientific collaboration of the Middle East Economics department of Philipps University-Marburg. The conference venue is the Schweizerhof hotel in Kassel, Germany during 10-13 October 2019. Click here to visit the conference website. 

M&S Research Hub organizes a 2-day workshop about Wavelet analysis for bankers, financial analysts, brokers, junior and experienced researchers in the fields of Economics & Finance. Click here for full information and registration.

Register for the upcoming webinar of Prof. Bilal Bagis about the recent Turkish economic dynamics on 09 May 2019. Click here for more information. 

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Our partners believe in our mission and contribute to its realization with their own expertise and knowledge.

We believe in equally excellent researching opportunities for everyone, regardless of where you come from and what your educational background is.

At M&S Research Hub we will work closely with you to overcome any problems related to your research and support you with the needed knowledge to work out a sound and a robust scientific work.

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F. A.

Ph.D. Candidate from Malaysia

"from the first glance, I hesitated to join the training here, thinking why would I pay for something that can be accessed for free from youtube videos and other resources. Then I decided to take private training sessions for panel data models to complete one of my Ph.D. papers. Well, I admit there is a big difference between a video that simply says the same thing for everyone and a live interactive training with an experienced researcher that can answer your questions, guide you step by step, adjust the delivered information the way you like. I highly recommend this training"


Master's student from Germany

"I have requested a private training to help me in solving problems related to the methodological part of my master's thesis. I am completely satisfied with the help and the price that I have paid "


Ph.D. Candidate from the UK

"Originally I come from a developing country, and I had troubles with the econometrics classes and software applications during my Ph.D. in one of the top universities in the UK. I have been working closely since over a year ago with a trainer from M&S Research Hub. Totally competent, professional and have supported me greatly during the course of my Ph.D. work"


Master's student from Morocco

"I have just completed the basic econometrics group course,  finally I started to understand what econometrics is about. Totally recommend this training for the beginners. I have already applied for the rest of the modules"

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