International Scholarships

International Scholarships


An updated list of fellowships, Master's, Bachelor's, and Ph.D. scholarships for international students

Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships for Developing Commonwealth Countries

Scholarship category: Masters                          Application deadline: 18 Oct 2022 (annual)

Field: All scientific fields                                      Host: UK universities  

Number of scholarships: Unspecified            Target group: citizens of commonwealth countries              

Gates Cambridge Scholarships for International Students

Scholarship category: Masters/PhD               Application deadline: 12 Oct/1 Dec 2022 (annual)

Field: All scientific fields                                      Host: UK universities  

Number of scholarships: 80                                Target group: citizens outside the UK               

AUW International Fellowships for Women in USA

Scholarship category: Masters/PhD/Postdoc               Application deadline: 15 Nov 2022 (annual)

Field: All scientific fields                                                         Host: US universities  

Number of scholarships: Unspecified                               Target group: Women outside the USA               

Karen McKellin International Leader of Tomorrow Award at University of British Columbia

Scholarship category: Bachelor                        Application deadline: 15 Nov 2022 (annual)

Field: All scientific fields                                      Host: University of British Colombia-Canada   

Number of scholarships: 50                                Target group: international non-Canadian students            

Vanier Canada Scholarships

Scholarship category: PhD                                 Application deadline: before 1 Nov 2022 (annual)

Field: health research; natural sciences and/or engineering research; and social sciences and/or humanities research

Host: Canadian universities with Vanier CGS allocations  

Number of scholarships: 166                                Target group: international non-Canadian students            

Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program at University of Toronto

Scholarship category: Bachelor                           Application deadline: 30 Nov 2022 (annual)

Field: All fields                                                             Host: University of Toronto

Number of scholarships: 37                                   Target group: international non-Canadian students            

Orange Knowledge Programme in The Netherlands

Scholarship category: Masters and short courses                     

Application deadline: 11 Nov 2022 (annual)

Field: All fields                                               Host: the Netherlands, Dutch universities with OKP qualifications

Number of scholarships: NA                   Target group: international students and mid-career professionals            

Fulbright Foreign Student Program in USA

Scholarship category: All                                        Application deadline: varies-Feb-Oct 2022 (annual)

Field: All fields                                                             Host: USA Universities

Number of scholarships: 4000                              Target group: international students            

Modigliani Research Grants - Worth €10,000 per year

Scholarship category: Postdoctoral                  Application deadline: varies

Field: Economics and finance                               Host: EU Universities

Number of scholarships: NA                                  Target group: EU academic staff            

UNIL Master’s Grants in Switzerland for Foreign Students

Scholarship category: Master's                         Application deadline: 1 Nov. 2022

Field: All except LAW                                             Host: University of Lausanne-Switzerland

Number of scholarships: 10                                Target group: International students      


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