Nahda Scholarship Program

"Nahda" نهضة

Scholarship Program


Don't let financial barriers stand in the way of fulfilling your dreams.

Our scholarship program is designed to help Undergraduate (Bachelor) and Postgraduate (Master's and Ph.D.) Arab Students who are enrolled in study programs outside their home countries to achieve their goals and overcome the challenges of pursuing higher education.

Deadline 25 April 2024


The main objective of this program is to assist Arab undergraduate and postgraduate students. It is specifically tailored for current students who are already enrolled in both

1- Undergraduate (Bachelor) program

2- Postgraduate (Master's or Doctoral) program in any scientific field at one of the top 200 universities according to the Times Higher Education 2023 university rankings. In exceptional cases, we can also provide support to students at universities from outside this ranking.

This initiative aims to support individuals facing unexpected financial challenges or those whose initial private funding or scholarship ceased before completing their targeted degree. The scholarships offered through this program are funded by the M&S Research Hub Institute and the Human Foundation.

Duration & Value of the funding

  • Funding is provided for 1 month to a maximum of 4 months. Please indicate in your application for how long you wish to receive funding. The funding period will then be determined during the selection process by a selection committee. The committee takes into account your work plan.
  • The grant is non-renewable.
  • The scholarship value varies based on academic level, country of residence, and financial need, ranging from monthly payments of EUR 200 to EUR 500.

What can be funded?

The program provides funding for the course of continuing scientific education at one of the world's top 200 state- or state-recognized institutions. 

Who can apply? (Eligibility Criteria)

You can apply if you meet the following conditions:

  • Current undergraduate or postgraduate student outside your home country in any scientific program at one of the world's top 200 universities (Time Higher Education ranking). In exceptional cases, we can also provide support to students at universities from outside this ranking.
  • Citizen of one of the following countries: Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, Somalia, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Algeria, Morocco, Jordan, Iraq, and Sudan.
  • You are experiencing a financial problem before acquiring your target degree; either your private funds have ceased or your scholarship has ended. 


An independent selection committee reviews applications.

The central selection criteria include:

  1. A compelling and well-planned research or training project.
  2. A well-articulated cover letter that communicates the applicant's life mission and plans post-degree completion.
  3. Academic achievements.
  4. Assessment of the extent, severity, and reasons for financial difficulties.

Furthermore, additional documents submitted that prove the applicant's professional aptitude or provide information about extracurricular commitment will also be included in the evaluation.

Application Process

Complete the scholarship form until April 25, 2024, and upload digital copies of the following documents:

  • Valid national ID or passport from your country of origin
  • Residence ID in your current country
  • Valid student ID or any other recent enrollment certificate that is not older than 3 months.
  • Cover letter delineating your life mission, and career plans post-program completion, along with any additional motivational insights regarding the development of your country and the prosperity and well-being of your fellow citizens in your home country.

  • Recent transcripts of complete semesters or coursework

  • Contract for existing scholarships and funding programs while highlighting the end date.
  • Proof of existing financial funds or reasons why funding sources have stopped
  • Master's or doctoral study work plan / Time table.
  • Any other relevant documents that can support your application

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