Advanced CGE Workshop


Computable General Equilibrium (CGE)


3-Days Workshop 

September 2023


CGE modeling is a highly useful tool for financial and macroeconomic modeling.

After successfully organizing this workshop in June for more than 15 participants working at international organizations, governments, and universities. Due to the significant demand, we are organizing this second intake in September

CGE-GTAP is a computational general equilibrium (CGE) model that is used in the study of global trade policies and their impacts. The GTAP model is a widely used tool for evaluating the economic impacts of trade policy and other global economic changes.

This intensive workshop trains participants on the advanced modeling and simulations of static and dynamic CGE modeling using GTAP/GEMPACK and GAMS.

Workshop Content:

  1. Working with GTAP slack variables
  2. Target output change by violating zero profit condition
  3. Introducing new conditions to GTAP through code modifications (in GEMPACK)
  4. Introduce an exogenous tariff that targets a policy variable (e.g., real wages)
  5. Linking GTAP with econometrics (R ) with a focus on reading outputs of a GTAP model (GEMPACK) using package HARr(R)
  6. Setting up a dynamic GTAP
  7. Calibrate and run a dynamic GTAP model
  8. Linking GTAP with a GAMS model (Global Timber Model)
  9. Linking GTAP with a PE model (poverty analysis)

Meet The 


Maros Ivanic is GTAP Fellow and Senior Agricultural Economist with experience in the national government (U.S. Government) and international government (International Finance Corporation and International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the World Bank Group)


  • Workshop material, datasets, and software codes will be freely available to participants.
  • Earn MSR certified certificate and enhance your career and research skills.
  • Learn one of the emerging and widely used approaches for data analysis and macroeconomic modeling
  • Workshop prerequisites: Attending intro. CGE GTAP training (Module 2) or already a firm user of GTAP
  • A free trial version of the used software packages will be provided for participants

Target Participants

Under & Post Graduates

who are eager to enhance their macroeconomic modeling skills and advance beyond their regular curricula and class levels

Public Officials

working at central banks, ministries, and government economic units. CGEs are the perfect tools for improving your modeling skills to analyze aggregate economic stances, assess policy impact, and project business cycle movements.


who target A-class journals and honorary graduation grades. CGE model applications are vast, novel, prestigious, and reflect sound methodological skills. 

Standard fees: 980  Euros

Discounted fees (participants from developing countries): 530 Euros

Group and Team Discount: 15%

(Starting from 2 Participants)

Registration Deadline 15 August 2023

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