R Coding Data Camp

Registration Deadline 15 August

*Complete Camp Registration fees: 850 Euros

*Complete Camp Reduced Fees: 720 Euros (For researchers and students coming from Low and Middle-income countries according to the World Bank classification. Click here to check your country eligibility)

*Attend Specific days: contact us to ask about prices

*Workshop Venue: Online / Zoom

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R Coding Camp for Researchers, Programmers

& Data Analysts

Intensive 4-Days Online Workshop - Total 24 Hours

Complement Your Data Analysis, Machine learning & Researching  Skills by Mastering the Powerful R Programming Language. 

2-5 September 2020

A comprehensive workshop that provides fully-fledged training for researchers, data analysts, and programmers with R language. Enhance your career and earn a MSR and CPD certified certificates from Germany and the UK. Learn more about CPD certification from here

Learn online and interact with one of the strongest data scientists and programmers in Germany. Enroll at the complete workshop or pick a day or two, either way, it is fine for us.


Structured workshop with solid content that meets all proficiency (beginner to a developer) and scope levels (statistics, econometrics, data analysis, programming and machine learning).

                                               Workshops Moderator

                                                   Lukas Jan Stroemsdoerfer

One of the strongest data analysts and programmers in Germany. He currently works as a senior data scientist in Daimler AG (Mercedes Benz), where he develops applications and systems to automate processes and he is currently one of the academic team at M&S Research Hub. Part of his former experiences include working as a machine learning Engineer at STATWORX and lecturing graduate and undergraduate students advanced econometrics, programming and statistics classes at Marburg University.  

Lukas is a highly competent econometrician and programmer, his experiences are advanced in programming packages such as R, Python, Bash, DSS, Docker, Git and Jenkins. 

Day Four

Advanced Programming With  R

  • Objects in R
  • Functional Programming in R
  • API Development in R
  • Package Development in R


  • Basic  practical knowledge with R

Day One 

Introduction to Econometrics with R

  • Introduction to R
  • Data in R
  • Regression Analysis in R
  • Time Series Analysis in R

    Volatility models (ARIMA and GARCH systems) and Multivariate Endogenous Models (VAR Family)

  • Panel Econometrics in R: Fixed, Random effects and Dynamic models GMM.


  • Solid theoretical knowledge of Econometrics
  • R installed and setup 

Day Two

Advanced Econometrics with R

  • Introduction to R
  • Data in R
  • Quantile Regression in R
  • Parametrics Regressions in R

     linear regression, logistic regression, probit regression, and negative binomial regressions

  • Nonparametrics Regressions in R

    splines and kernel regressions


  • Expert theoretical knowledge of Econometrics
  • R installed and setup 

Day Three

Introduction to Machine Learning with R

  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Data in R
  • Writing Loops in R
  • Decision Trees in R
  • Random Forest in R
  • Gradient Boosting in R


  • Basic theoretical knowledge of Machine Learning
  • R installed and setup 

First step     Explore the content of the camp and decide if you want to register at the complete workshop or you want to attend specific days. The fees above are the price of the complete workshop. Contact us to get personalized quotes for specific days.

Second Step      Register and await the confirmation email for more details about the training schedule, exact timing, login details, and material. 

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