The Political and Economic Effects of Armed Conflicts: Ukraine and Gaza Case Studies

About "Political and Economic Effects of Armed Conflicts: Ukraine and Gaza" Project

This project aims to comprehensively analyze the wide-ranging economic and political impacts of armed conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza, which persist and remain multifaceted.

On February 24, 2022, Russia's initiation of a brutal war against Ukraine marked a pivotal moment in European history. Two years later, the ongoing conflict continues to deeply affect not only Ukraine but also the European Union (EU) and the global community. The economic fallout, compounded by the tragic human toll, has hindered the EU's anticipated recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite forecasts predicting robust growth, the actual figures fell short, highlighting the conflict's significant impact on the EU's economic trajectory. Additionally, the EU grappled with a severe energy crisis and soaring living costs in 2022, exacerbating challenges posed by the Ukrainian conflict. These repercussions persist, influencing economic policies and dynamics globally, including inflation levels, energy prices, food insecurity, and reallocation of foreign aid.

The current Israeli operation in Gaza has led to an unprecedented death toll, widespread destruction of civilian infrastructure, and mass displacement of Gazans. This exacerbates the already extreme population density, particularly amid damaged water, sanitation, and hygiene systems, elevating public health risks. The conflict has inflicted substantial economic losses on Gaza's economy, including a nearly 38% shrinkage in GDP growth, an 80% loss of the labor force, and a nearly 50% decline in GDP per capita. Beyond its immediate impact, the conflict will have broader consequences for the Middle East and North Africa region, affecting both people and economies.

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Sherif Hassan - M&S Research Hub

Odunyiy Samuel- Texas Tech University

Brian Kiberu - University Nairobi

William Asiedu- M&S Research Hub | National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies-Japan