Econometric Replication

Registration deadline 10 August 2020

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Econometric Replication:

Methods & Guidelines for Designing a Replicated Study

Online Workshop

29 August 2020

M&S Research Hub organizes an online workshop about "Econometric Replication". The workshop setting is highly interactive and includes real-life data applications. The workshop content is designed to meet all levels of proficiency, accordingly, no prior knowledge of replication is needed. However, a basic knowledge of STATA, statistical and econometric methods is required. 

Workshop Structure

Replicability is an important part of every science, although what is meant by replication varies quite widely across different disciplines. During the last years, there has been an increasing trend in publishing replicated studies in top journals. Replication is increasingly recognized as an important part of knowledge production in the social sciences, especially for experimental research. 

The aim of the workshop is to provide researchers and students with an introduction to different types and methodologies of replication by using both theories laid out by academic professionals and practical case studies.

The software used will mainly be Stata but for some parts, Excel will be used. The theme will be about elaborating on research methods that can work as a counter to the “Replication Crisis” found in many scientific fields.

1. Examination of Academic Literature
2. Methodology of Replication

3. Meta-Regression Analysis

4. Protocol for preparing documentation to accompany empirical research

5. Case Studies on replication

The workshop will extend from 10 AM to 3 PM (Germany time).  The participants will be issued a certified certificate of participation and will have access to workshop data, slides and material.

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Workshop Moderator

Nitul Desphande

Nitul Deshpande holds a Master's degree in Applied Econometrics from the University of Melbourne (Second best university in Australia and one of the top 50 world universities). This degree has provided him with a solid grounding in financial modeling & statistical analysis, with a focus on using research methods to translate data into meaningful insight.

He has previously worked at Morgan Stanley in their Derivatives Department, where his role was mainly to translate complex financial information into ready-made customer solutions. In recognition of his exceptional work in managing expectations of stakeholders across multiple levels, he received the “SPOT” award.

His areas of Interest include Panel Data Econometrics, Advanced Econometrics, Financial econometrics, Stock Market Developments, Replication, Corruption, Program Evaluation Methods, Treatment Effect Models. He is a professional user of SAS, STATA, R, Eviews