Income inequality and economic development

About "Income inequality and Economic Development" Project

Market economies over the last few decades have been developing at an accelerating rate, yet as the global economy score higher growth rates, the bigger the income gap between population quantiles, wherein the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. 22 world billionaires have more wealth than 4.6 billion people. Larger Income inequality levels signal a stagnated failure in the global income distribution systems, thus hindering individuals' opportunities for development and satisfactory welfare.  This project uses a wide range of methodological approaches and the most recent regional and global datasets to better understand the core causes of income inequality and propose efficient measures to mitigate inequality-led growth. 

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-Riveros Gavilanes, J.M. ; Nouira, Imen. ; Jacildo, Ryan ; Kiberu, Brian. On the Empirics of the Behaviour of Income Inequality

-Riveros Gavilanes, J.M; Oduniyi, Samuel ;  Akayleh, Fayq ; Huseynli, Azar,  Welfare Trends on the Perspective of the Sen Welfare Function.



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