Biostatistics and Medical Biometry

Medical Biometry/Biostatistics

A comprehensive 20-hour structured training for researchers, graduate students, practitioners, and scientists at all proficiency levels to teach the foundations of biostatistical methods and the design of clinical trials as well as survival analysis using STATA. Recieve a certified certification as a "Biometry statistical expert" after completing the online training. 

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Biostatistics - Design of Randomized Clinical Trials & Survival Analysis

A fully-fledged intensive training on the fundamentals of biostatistics for econometric modeling and data analysis using STATA.

Duration: Approx. 20 Hours

Training Mode: Normal group (7-10 trainees), small group (2-5 trainees), and one-to-one

Prerequisites: Basic understanding of quantitative analysis such as hypothesis testing, correlation analysis, graphical and numerical summaries.

Platform: online (Zoom)

Extra benefits:

  • Certified certificate after completing the training and 10% permanent discount on all events, workshops, and webinars.
  • Trainees become eligible to submit their papers at MSR working paper series (SSRN and RePEc indexed).


Training content is systematic and structured as follows:

1. Survival Analysis

    • What is survival analysis?
    • Hazard function and Hazard ratios
    • Proportional Hazard Assumptions
    • Parametric and semi-parametric Hazard Models
    • Cox Proportional Hazard Model
    • Drawing Kaplan Meier Curves in R and STATA
    • Log-rank test in R and STATA
    • Building a cox proportional model in STATA (6 Hours)

    • Testing model assumptions

    • Bivariate and Multivariate survival analysis

    • Testing model fit

2. Design of Clinical Trails

    • What are Randomized Controlled Trials?

    • Scientific Principles of RCTs

    • Justification of RCTs

    • Ethical principles of RCTs

    • Importance and Indication of RCTs

    • Types of RCTs and application

    • Designing and Monitoring of RCTs

    • Analysis of RCTs

    • Implementation Science Experimental Designs

    • Stepped Wedge Trial

    • Factorial Trial

    • Multiphase Optimization Strategy Implementation Trial (MOST) Trial



About Medical Biometry/Biostatistics

Biostatistics is a work-kit of tools and methods to collect, analyze, and interpret biological data especially data relating to medicine. These methods allow you to quantify the uncertainty associated with simulation models, which are used to forecast the spread of infection/the efficiency of a new medicine/the significance of a particular human gene in disease control, etc. With the upsurge of Covid 19, the role of Biostatisticians in the response to the crisis is magnifying, ranging from mathematical and statistical modeling, over day-to-day monitoring, to scientific and government committee policymaking.

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"Experienced Trainers"

Gabriel Arrieta

Catholic University of Peru, Peru

Excellent training

"Mind-Blowing Learning opportunity"

George Chanda

Petroluem Limited, Zambia

After finishing the first module, I decided to to do all modules because the first one has opened my mind, because here in Zambia there is no university or college where they offer as full program they way you offer it, it only comes as a course to those who are doing economics.

Training Calendar


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Training Mode and Registration

Online and Live

Group Training

  • Experience live interactions with expert instructors.

  • Gain free access to all course materials, slides, and codes.

  • Learn and apply concepts through real-world data examples.

  • Receive a certificate of completion upon attending all live course sessions.

  • Choose your preferred intake: April or August. The training typically occurs on weekends to accommodate busy schedules.

Standard / Student

390 EUR /  210 EUR

Online and Live

Private Training

  • Experience personalized, one-to-one interactions with an expert instructor.

  • Gain complimentary access to all course materials, slides, and codes.

  • Tailor your learning objectives to align with your research and project requirements.

  • Learn and apply concepts using your preferred real-world data examples.

  • Receive a certificate of completion after finishing the course 

  • Enjoy flexibility in organizing the start and pace of the course.

750 EUR