Publication Opportunities

2020 GEC offers different opportunities to publish accepted conference papers and abstracts:

1. All abstracts will be included in the "Conference Book" that will be distributed among conference participants.

2. Authors can choose to have their complete papers included in the "Global Economics Prospectives", the official conference proceedings of the M&S Research Hub Institute ( Processing and publication charges are included in the registration fees, no further costs are incurred by the authors. 

3. The following supporting journals will consider conference papers for publication. Selected papers might need to be extended and updated according to the journal’s requirements:

A) Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money (Indexed in Scopus, RePEc, SSCI, Sage)

B) Environmental Science and Pollution Research (Indexed in Scopus, SSCI, Google Scholar)

C) Emerging Markets Review (Indexed in Scopus, RePEc, EBSCO, SSCI)

D) International Econometric Review (Indexed in RePEc, EconLit, EBSCO).

E) The International Journal of Banking and Finance (Indexed in Google Scholar, EconLit, British Library)

4. Special issues in three Scopus-indexed journals are reserved and guaranteed for around 60 accepted papers against extra fees. To learn more about these opportunities contact us at, call at +49 0561 49941680 or Whatsapp at +49017686387586.