CGE projects

Research and Consultation of Sound Policy Modeling for Government & Business

M&S Research Hub Institute has world-class experts in Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) modeling and policy analysis

Our experts have consulted and trained teams from government units and businesses from all over the world.

Our list of clients includes the following governments:

  • Brazil
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Scotland
  • Philippines
  • Lebanon
  • West Africa
  • Egypt, as well as organizations like 

world bank

Policy and Consultation Areas of Some Trainings and Projects


  • CGE GTAP training and consultancy for the modeling team in the Scottish government. 


  • CGE model design and comprehensive training on using GEMPACK GTAP BIO and GTAP E databases for assessing the economic effects of adopting new agricultural cropping techniques for Eco-Engineers Corporation in the USA.
  • World Bank CGE modeling to analyze the full set of policy measures being proposed to address the financial and BoP crises.
  • CGE modeling and economy-wide impact assessments and forecasting of the Digital Economy reforms agenda in Saudi Arabia.
  • World Bank CGE modeling for economy-wide impact assessments of the economic convergence and energy sector reform agenda in the 8 countries of WAEMU: Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Guinea Bissau, Mali, Niger, Senegal, and Togo.
  • World Bank CGE modeling for economy-wide impact assessments of carbon pricing initiatives in the Philippines. 
  • CGE model design and training to model a new wage system and assess the labor market dynamics for the Ministry of Economy in Brazil.
  • Senior consultation for the design and forecast of Monetary policies using General Equilibrium modeling for a team from the Central Bank of  Egypt.
  • CGE model design and comprehensive training for measuring and setting energy pricing/Carbon emissions for KPMG-Malaysia. 

The Significance of CGE Modeling for Policy Modeling and Decision-Making

Impact Analysis 

CGE modeling excels in impact analysis. Whether it's assessing the effects of a tax policy change, a trade agreement, or an environmental regulation.

Policy Design & Evaluation

Governments and businesses frequently turn to CGE modeling when designing and evaluating policies to identify the most effective and efficient strategies.

Environmental Policy

By modeling the costs and benefits of measures like carbon taxes, emissions reductions, and renewable energy incentives, CGE models contribute to the development of sustainable policies.

Holistic Understanding of Economic Systems

CGE modeling excels in impact analysis, they are like a dynamic map of the entire economic landscape. They capture the direct and indirect impacts of changes on the whole economic system such as:


  • Assessing the effects of a tax policy change or a new trade agreement.

  • If a specific technology sector gets a boost from a policy change.

  • Investing in a new sector or deploying a national project such as Neom City in Saudi Arabia or Turkey investments in the emerging sectors of AI and electro-car production.

  • Adopting specific environmental regulations, or applying a new environmental policy.

  • Simulate demand and supply changes in key economic sectors such as construction, technology, logistics, and tourism sectors.

The M&S Research Hub team has been appointed by governments and businesses to:

  • Design comprehensive and flexible CGE models capable of analyzing a multitude of policy scenarios.

  • Collaborate with our clients to support undertaking nuanced analysis and decision-making regarding a variety of economic decisions and policies. 

  • Provide comprehensive training sessions to individual researchers and teams to equip them with the skills and understanding necessary to use CGE models 

Contact & Pricing

Rates are subject to each project/training requirement, duration, data structures, and required software. Feel free to contact us to get more information. You can also explore the existing GEM Training programs.