Linear optimization and programming workshop

Linear & Non-Linear Programming & Optimization

Using  GAMS

4-Days Online Workshop 


11-12, 18-19 May 2024

Workshop Description:

This workshop provides a comprehensive exploration of optimization techniques and their wide-ranging applications across various fields, including Engineering, Economics, Business, and more.

It covers the fundamentals of optimization, encompassing unconstrained optimization,
linear programming, integer programming, nonlinear programming, and sensitivity analysis. Practical experience is a key component as learners gain hands-on skills using the General Algebraic Modeling System (GAMS) to model and solve optimization problems, enabling them to interpret results effectively.

For learners navigating complex design problems, this course offers a deep understanding of both theory and practical application in the realm of engineering optimization. Topics include formulating optimization problems, interpreting results, conducting sensitivity analysis, exploring cost functions, evaluating figures of merit, comparing optimization techniques, and recognizing multi-objective optimization challenges.

Workshop Content:


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Linear & Non-Linear Programming

Module 1: Introduction to Optimization
Module 2: Unconstrained Optimization
Module 3: Linear Programming (LP)
Module 4: Integer Programming (IP)
Module 5: Nonlinear Programming (NLP)
Module 6: Sensitivity Analysis

GAMS Practice
Module 1: Introduction to GAMS
Module 2: Problem Formulation and Mathematical Modeling
Module 3: Interpretation and Practical Application with GAMS Practice (Examples)
Module 4:  Sensitivity Analysis in GAMS

Meet The 


Vaibhav Kumar  is an experienced Research Associate at the US Department of Agriculture for Forest Products Laboratory, Statistics, Life Cycle Analysis, and Economics Research

Learning Objectives

  • *Grasp fundamental concepts of optimization and their real-world applications.

  • *Explore various optimization techniques, understanding their strengths and weaknesses.

  • *Develop proficiency in modeling and solving optimization problems using GAMS.

  • *Apply optimization principles to address complex issues in economics, business, engineering, and other domains.
  • *Foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
linear programming


A basic knowledge of calculus and linear algebra is recommended.


  • Workshop material, datasets, and software codes will be freely available to participants.
  • Earn MSR certified certificate and enhance your career and research skills.
  • Learn one of the emerging and widely used approaches for data analysis, sensitivity analysis, and programming
  • A free trial version of the used software packages will be provided for participants

Target Participants

Under & Post Graduates

Both undergraduate and graduate students studying fields such as operations research, industrial engineering, mathematics, or computer science can benefit from learning about linear programming and sensitivity analysis using GAMS.

Gov. & Public Sector Employees

Government agencies often deal with resource allocation and optimization problems. Employees from these sectors can apply the knowledge gained in your workshop to improve public service delivery.


Faculty members, researchers, and postgraduate students from universities and research institutions who want to improve their understanding of optimization techniques can be valuable participants.

Professionals in Operations Research and Management

Practitioners working in operations research, management science, and related fields can enhance their skills and knowledge through the workshop.

Business Analysts and Consultants

Individuals working in the consulting industry or within organizations looking to improve decision-making processes and resource allocation can benefit from learning about linear programming and sensitivity analysis.


3 Seats Left

Deadline: 30 April

Standard fees: 630  Euros

Discounted fees (participants from M&S Research Hub list of developing countries): 380 Euros

Affiliates, former trainees, and group discount: 15%

(for groups starting from 2 Participants)

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