2021 GEC virtual Conference


Call for papers: Budgeting in A Crises | Macroeconomy Relief Policies 

Government responses to crises, economic fallout, business cycle recessions, and shocks largely diverge. Responses vary depending on the nature of the shock and country circumstances. Adding up the different measures, such as tax and spending, loans and guarantees, monetary instruments, and foreign exchange operations, makes it challenging to assess the efficiency of the aggregate policy environment and crisis-contamination measures. 

We are especially interested in submissions covering topics that include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following issues:

  • the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on global economies and sector-wide performance measures. 
  • business cycle stabilization policies to foster economic re-convergence.
  • the scope and limits of cross-country comparisons in response to shocks and applied mitigation policies.
  • The role of automatic stabilizers, fiscal stimulus, optimal monetary policies in stabilizing economies. 
  • The role of behavioral nudges in the design of public policies.

M&S Research Hub in collaboration with Infinity Sum Modeling (USA) and AGIR (Algeria and France) invites economists and professionals to submit theoretical and applied papers in all areas of economics and finance for presentation at the 2021 virtual GEC conference. Papers discussing pre-identified topics are particularly welcomed. 

*All conference lectures and sessions will be held online. 

*Submission Deadline: 15 October 2021

*Attendance and presentation slots are limited to 100 seats

Submission closed

1- All accepted papers will be published in M&S Research Hub's MSR Working paper series (ISSN 2748-3916, RePEc and SSRN indexed).

2- The best paper award is open to all accepted papers submitted by doctoral students. Author(s) of the winning paper will receive a certificate and monetary award of 500$. 

2- Accepted conference papers will be considered for publication at the conference special issue at the Journal of Risk and Financial Management (ISSN 1911-8074). All conference papers will receive a discount on publication charges ranging from 30% up to 100%, depending on the quality of the paper and publication records of the authors. 


Paper/Abstract Submission

Publications & Awards

6-7 November 2021

2021 Online GEC

Plenary Lectures


"Who Has to Pay for the Corona Debt?"

Christian Mueller (Jacobs University Bremen)

"The Covid-19 Crises and Its Fiscal & Monetary Implications"

Marek Dabrowski (Higher School of Economics in Moscow HSE University)

"Behavioral Economics and Digital Technologies in Times of Covid-19 to Stabilize Macro Policies"

Luis Artavia-Mora (Erasmus University Rotterdam)


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* Registration link will only be provided for authors of accepted papers. Because of limited slots, registration needs to be completed during one week from receipt of the acceptance notification, otherwise, the paper will be automatically excluded from the conference program.

Presenter registration fees : 140 €

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