Biostatistics-Survival analysis and clinical trials

Biostatistics : Survival Analysis and Clinical Trials

4-Day Online Workshop

26-27 Feb.  2022// Part A

26-27 Mar.  2022// Part B

20-hour theoretical and practical training on biostatistical modeling of survival analysis, cox models, and the design of randomized clinical trials.

Handsā€on experience using Stata with applications to real-world questions and data. The workshop content is structured as follows


Part A (12-13 Feb 2022/ 8-10 AM-CET) : Survival Analysis /  11 Hours

1. Intro. to survival analysis

2. Hazard functions, hazard ratios, and proportional hazard assumptions
3. Parametric and semiparamteric Hazard models
4. Cox Proportional Hazard Model, Drawing Kaplan Meier Curves in R and STATA and Log-rank test in R and STATA

5. Building a Cox proportional model on STATA

6.Testing model assumptions and Bivariate survival analysis

7. Multivariate survival analysis and Testing model fit

Part B (19-20 Mar 2022/ 10.15-12.15 AM-CET): Randomized Clinical Trials /  12 Hours

1. Theory and Design of Randomized Controlled Trials

2. What are Randomized Controlled Trials?

3. Scientific Principles of RCTs

4. Justificationand Ethical Prinicples of RCTs

5. Importance and Indication of RCTs

6. Types of RCTs and application

7. Designing and Monitoring of RCTs

8. Analysis of RCTs and Implementation Science Experimental Designs

9. Stepped Wedge Trial and Factorial Trial

10. Multiphase Optimization Strategy Implementation Trial (MOST) Trial

                   Workshop Moderator


  Dr. Bashir Ssuna

Physicist and epidemiologist with interests in HIV-TB coinfection, the impact of diabetes on patient outcomes for HIV-TB, and implementation science. Dr. Ssuna has completed his first medical degree at Mbarara University of Science and Technology. He has completed a dual Masters of Science degree in Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics from Makerere University School of Medicine and University of California San Francisco (UCSF). He holds a diploma in Implementation Science at UCSF, where he gained profound knowledge, in theory, study designs for intervention research, translating evidence into policy, designing interventions to change organizational behavior, and community engagement. Experienced in design and conducting research, analyzing data using STATA, R, SPSS, and Python, interpreting results, and applying findings especially with application in medical fields. Project coordinator at Uganda TB Implementation Research Consortium on a study aimed at predicting and preventing TB treatment failure in an emerging co-epidemic of HIV, diabetes, and TB.


  • Workshop material, codes, and recorded videos (online view only) will be shared with participants.
  • Earn an MSR certified certificate and enhance your career and employability skills.
  • Learn one of the emerging and widely used approaches for data analysis and econometric modeling.
  • Get trained on Stata coding and how to design clinical trials and survival analysis
  • A basic understanding of quantitative analysis is required

Standard Registration/ Part A only:  109 Euros

Standard Registration/ Part B only:  109 Euros

Standard Registration/ Parts A&B: 187 Euros

Group Discount: 10%

(Starting from 3 Participants)


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