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Statistical Support for the Design of Your Master/Doctoral Thesis, Research and Project

Mentorship Service

What is this service about?

This service offers statistical support for designing your master's or doctoral thesis across all scientific fields, including but not limited to medical, engineering, business, and political domains.

Who will be my mentor?

M&S Research Hub's academic team consists of experienced researchers, quantitative modelers, and statisticians. We also have a vast global external network of statisticians and modelers. In conjunction with your project, research, or report, one or more academic trainers will be your mentor(s) to provide guidance and work closely with you during the research process.

What to expect?

1. Comprehensive mentoring program that starts with intuitive discussions with experts to

  • develop your initial research idea,
  • guide you through applying appropriate empirical methodologies, and
  • follow up throughout the different stages of your research work.

2. Customized training where needed to apply using the suggested statistical methodologies.

3. Detailed feedback notes and comments on your draft work to improve the manuscript/dissertation quality and increase the chances of publishing.

4. Eligibility to submit the discussion version of your research in our institute MSR working paper series (SSRN, Google Scholar, and RePEc) indexed.

5. Authors of qualified papers will have a chance to publish their work in SCOPUS, Proquest, SSCI, and EBSCO-indexed journals in economics and finance.


Is the service limited only to dissertations?

The statistical support for the design and structure of your statistical or methodological sections applies not only to Master's or doctoral theses, but also to research papers, reports, surveys, projects, and other outputs that involve any kind of statistical method to validate findings. 

How does it work?

Fill out the service form to describe your thesis topic, project or research, specify your submission deadline, and indicate the methodology and software you prefer to use for your work. 

General Terms

Mentorship programs are based on 5- or 10-hour bundles. You can use your booked bundle whenever you require research support, guidance, or training.

Booked bundles have no expiration date; you can keep using them for as long as you like. You can extend your bundle once the booked bundle finishes. Participants who sign up for long-term mentoring will receive up to a 15% discount.

Additional services, such as language proofreading and data collection in conjunction with your research, are available at discounted rates. Read the service terms and conditions here

Step By Step 

Modeling Guidance

If you find it hard to design, select or apply the appropriate methodology to test your research questions/hypotheses. Either your study requires a quantitative and/or qualitative analysis, one of our academic experts will guide you step-by-step to select, justify, and apply the correct method. 

Data Collection & Analysis

If your data are rare, unreachable, or available in a different language than yours, and you lack the time and initiative to find them. We are multilingual and we will use our network of databases to locate your data, build your worksheet, and make it ready for the implementation step.



Before submitting your manuscript to the journal/doctoral defense committee, have your manuscript/dissertation pre-reviewed by an experienced researcher in your field.



To ensure our trainees' work is flawless, we offer discounted proofreading services through our language editor partner in the UK. This manuscript will be improved in terms of style, logic, and storytelling structure. There are multiple rounds of re-editing over a period of 90 days to ensure the best version of the document is submitted.

Why do people choose MS Research Hub's Mentorship?

M. Al Kathery

PhD Candidate, Leeds University UK

Since the beginning of my Ph.D. program, I found it difficult to follow up in my applied economics and econometrics classes,I have been working closely since over one year ago with one of the moderators at M&S Research Hub. Totally competent, professional and have supported me greatly during the course of my Ph.D. work

Al Taweel Raed

PhD Candidate, Bochum University Germany

Mentorship is going well. Dr. Riveros and Dr William provide excellent advice. The offline courses were also excellent.

I was very pleased with his guidance; he provided effective and useful direction for my research. Additionally, he was punctual and maintained the quality of the required information.

Brian Kiberu

PhD Candidate, University of Nairobi, Rowanda

In reviewing my 20-hour-long DSGE-modeling mentorship program I would rate the support and my assigned expert as follows:

1. Content: He is good

2: Duration:He is good

3. Communication with Mentor: It is good

4: Mentor response to questions and requests:It is good

5: Efficiency of Practical tutorials: They are good